Accessories to take your style from bland to glam

We have all picked a dress or top and said “ I wish this could just pop a little” Well. With a little change here and there you can bring almost every item to back to its old glory or make it look even better by finding new ways to wear old clothes. Accessories to the rescue!

Accessories used right will elevate any drab outfit. Let’s look at some key accessories that must be an addition to your wardrobe.



Belts are great statement pieces. Add a cute waist belt will do wonders for that favorite dress by defining your waist. Placing the belt in the middle of dress is especially great if your waist is tiny. For all others, place the belt a little lower than the navel to hide whatever little bulge you may have. Also for big, straight dresses, a belt can give some definition and enhances your body shape.



 Although berets makes most people think of the vintage look, this is an undeniably cool way to dress up any outfit -From jeans and t shirt to a mini dress, an elegant long dress to a skirt. The beret, with any of these outfits if properly worn, gives a timeless, classic look to your style and elevates any outfit. 

Long necklace


If you have an outfit with a plunging neckline, you have to get a long necklace to wear with it. Pick the right long necklace and it takes the outfit from bland to glam. This is very good for dresses and shirt-like tops and blouses. Do not use with T shirts as it will give the look of being cheap and even overboard.

 Statement earrings


If you don’t already have a few statement earring, get some! Good statement earrings can do all sorts of wonders for you. From accentuating your face just right to making the color of your eyes more prominent to giving you a polished look thereby elevating your outfit in the process. You can never go wrong with some bold earrings.You’ll be sure turn heads everywhere with these earrings!



A watch is a timeless accessory that is a cute, yet simple addition that can elevate any outfit. The thing here is how you pair it. Choose a color that may be different from your outfit but compliments your shoes or purse so it stands out. This can take a basic outfit to an outfit that will make you look like the ultimate fashionista.

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