What is Dressopedia?

Dressopedia is the frugal girl’s new best friend! It’s the Why-pay-full-price-when-you-don’t-have-to UNsubscription box. We specialize in discount clothes - discount in price but not in quality. Our clothes range from regular to premium brands. All new. We guarantee that you will always get more value than what you paid for your package. Read our reviews! 

How do you work?

We  are a personal styling service for women. To begin, you pick a plan that works for you from our 4 plans then you complete your style profile and let us know your preferences, style, size, fit etc. so we can serve you better. Once you check out, your first box will be on its way to you within 7 days. Thereafter it will go out on the 14th of every monthly or twice monthly, the 1st and the 14th for those who want 2 boxes monthly.

If there are pieces you do not like, return them in the prepaid envelope. They must get to us within 10 days after receipt

What ages do you style?

We carry a wide range of clothes to fit women of all ages. From 18 -80+ We have certified Fashion stylists from all works of life, all ages, all styles.

What sizes do you carry?

We carry women’s sizes 0- 32 (5XL).

What Brands do you carry?

We carry known and loved brands. If there is a specific brand you like, do let us know when filling out your style profile.

What is the cost of your box?

We have 4 plans with the lowest being $59 for 4 curated pieces and the highest being $149 for 5 premium pieces.

How many items will I receive?

Standard: Comes with 4 items, Which will either be a Top, couple of tops (shirts, blouses, camisoles, cardigans), a bottom (shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, skirts).

Standard Plus: Comes with 4 items, Which will either be a Top, couple of tops (shirts, blouses, camisoles, cardigans), a bottom (shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, skirts). May have a brand name item
Premium: Comes with 5 items which will either be a Top, couple of tops (shirts, blouses, camisoles, cardigans), a bottom (shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, skirts, purse) or/plus shoes, other accessories, with at least one brand name item which could also be an accessory
Premium Plus: This plan is our highest value and comes with several brand name items from brands you will love. items will either be a Top, couple of tops (shirts, blouses, camisoles, cardigans), a bottom (shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, skirts) or/plus a purse, shoes, other accessories.
We also include seasonal items, like swimsuits, hats or shades in the summer or a scarf, jacket, etc in Fall/winter.

Do you charge a styling fee?

No we do not.

Is Dressopedia a subscription service? 

dressopedia is what we like to call the #unsubscription box. Although we sign you up, it does give you the option to do a one off so there is no regular obligation. You can buy just one box or more and schedule when and how you receive your box. It could be monthly, bi monthly, quarterly, or at any other specific interval you determine. Need to change the frequency of your shipment? Just log in to your profile and make changes. You Can I Skip a month or pause your account by sending an email to skip@dressopedia.com let us know how long you would like to pause your account. To Cancel please notify us at stopthefun@dressopedia.com. Warning: You would lose current status and information. If you think there is an opportunity you might return someday in the future, we strongly recommend pausing your account.

How do automatic deliveries work?

We do not require or mandate automatic deliveries, choosing automatic deliveries is an easy way to ensure your box comes uninterrupted. You can choose every 2 weeks or monthly, bi monthly or quarterly If you’d rather not receive automatic deliveries, you can schedule manually anytime you want a box. You can always skip one or two months and or cancel

When do you ship and when will I be charged? 

If you are a monthly subscriber, we ship on the 14th of every month. We charge your card on the 9th.  If you are a weekly/bi weekly subscriber, we charge your card 5 days before shipping.

Do You make refunds for returned items

No. We send replacement items in your next box. Exchanges and returns are always free for Standrd plus, Premium and Premium plus. For Standard, exchanges are Free but buyer pays return shipping

 Do you ship to PO boxes? 

We currently do not ship to PO, FPO, and APO boxes.

How does your referral program work? 

Invite your friends to try our box and you and your friends will receive $10 in credit to try Dressopedia for the first time using your custom referral link.

Your referral must join Dressopedia using your custom referral link to receive the $10 credit. Once they transact, you will receive a $10 credit on your account. Credits automatically apply toward your next transaction.

Here’s how to invite your friends to try Dressopedia

Log into your account

On the top navigation bar select “Account”

Select “Invite Friends, Get $10” in the drop-down menu

Click to select one of the social media sharing options, send your link by email, or copy and paste the link to share!

 Can I give your gift card as a gift? 

Yes, and they will thank you for it because we will pack those clothes in a way they will just love it! We also send a special message to them from you. Feel free to purchase one now